20 - 21 June, 2019 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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conference opening

By the conference chairs Ruud Rikhof, managing partner at KennedyFitch and Lucy Adams, founder of the Disruptive HR agency.

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HR in the connected world: How being more human will accelerate growth - and build a better business

That the world is changing is old news: The future lies in whether we’re able to adapt, evolve and thrive in a new world where uncertainty is the new certainty. Defiant in the face of apocalyptic theories surrounding a “jobless future” in which robotics rule the world, Leena Nair offers an altogether more optimistic alternative, arguing that now – more than ever – is the time that business must become “more human”.

Far from replacing people skills, innovation will, (as it has always done throughout history), unlock new human capabilities to meet the demands of this new world. Delving into neuroscience and proven data, Leena argues that as HR leaders, our primary responsibility is to understand people better. Only by recognising human’s unique needs and capabilities – then enhancing and empowering them with disruptive technology – will transformative breakthroughs happen.

Placing this philosophy at the heart of everything she does at Unilever, Leena demonstrates how purposeful people have the ability to drive purposeful businesses and purposeful brands that outperform competitors – and thrive in our newly connected world.

Keynote Session by Leena Nair, CHRO at Unilever

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From Exponential Tech Towards Exponential Organizations

He sees the world as it evolves exponentially, driven by the catalysts of technology and globalization. And it was through this perspective that he was able to pinpoint the emergence of a new sort of organization; one that leverages and follows the patterns of accelerated change: the Exponential Organization. The term was first introduced in the eponymous best-selling book authored by Salim Ismail, Michael S. Malone, and of course, Yuri Van Geest. Using their definition, an Exponential Organization is “one whose impact (or output) is disproportionally large – at least 10x larger – compared to its peers because of the use of new organizational techniques that leverage accelerating technologies.”

The emergence of these Exponential Organizations has been a disruptive force across all industries. Their rapid, accelerated growth has enabled them to go toe-to-toe with large, long-established industries, which are now forced to scramble to remain ahead. The question organizations face is: What now? In the face of accelerated change and rapid evolution, how can your organization remain or become relevant?

Keynote Session by Yuri van Geest, thought leader, influencer and author of Exponential Organisations, co-founder of Singularity University, a think-tank that focuses on next-generation organisational models

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Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 1A: HR needs its own digital strategy

57 companies mandated TI People to study the hypotheses ‘HR needs its own digital agenda’. The findings will be presented and discussed in this workshop. Moreover, Volker Jacobs will present the sanitized findings of the HR digital maturity diagnostic that you’re invited to take (see below). Why you should participate in the workshop:

• Get in-depth understanding of the nine building blocks of digital HR
• Understand current maturity of your company in each of the 9 blocks
• Identify your company’s priorities relative to your specific environment
• Receive benchmarks on the digital maturity of peer companies

Maximize the value of your participation by taking a free HR digital maturity diagnostic

By Volker Jacobs,  Founder TI People

Breakout Session 1B: The Future of Talent Management

In 2017, Business as Usual has given way to Business Unusual. Join Jean Martin, CEB, now Gartner Talent Solutions Architect and former Special Assistant to President Clinton’s Domestic Policy Council, in discussing the most critical trends in the changing nature of work and the workforce and understand how to adapt your Talent Management strategies — from recruiting to development to performance and retention to keep up with these rapidly evolving times. Jean will share the latest data and case studies to identify three key imperatives for HR functions.

By Jean Martin, Talent Solutions Architect at CEB/Gartner


In a research study sponsored by Cornerstone OnDemand, IDC interviewed 1,469 HR professional and business managers across 14 European countries. The study represents one of the largest targeted HR and manager-related surveys ever conducted in Europe on the changing roles of the business and the HR department in the era of digital transformation. In this session, we share our findings and provide insight to HR leaders looking to embrace digital transformation and drive positive business impact.
Learn how HR can truly impact the wider business in a world of disruption and change and discover smarter ways to manage your talent, and destroy barriers to success.

By Xavier Petre, Principal Strategic Engagement Consultant, Cornerstone OnDemand

Breakout Session 1D: From digitization to digitalization: How to best leverage technology in HR towards business outcomes

The scope of digital technologies in HR is rapidly expanding, but you have to look beyond mere support of HR processes (aka digitization) to deliver real value. In this session, we will tap into experience from daily interaction with HR technology providers and buyers, and will show how to structure your technology selection and implementation towards digitalization, the transition to a digital business and workforce.

By John Kostoulas, Research Director at Gartner

Breakout Session 1E: Building Authentic Confidence through Emotional Flexibility

A recent study showed that more than 50% of employees think they would perform better if they were less worried about making mistakes or less critical of their own capabilities and this has a very limiting effect on people’s progression in organizations and the extent to which people realize their ambitions. It is believed that work related anxiety might only increase in the years to come due to more uncertainty and ongoing change. This is particularly concerning in a context where the capabilities of talent need to be fully leveraged for the betterment of all. Building the skills to deal with the increasing uncertainty will help people lean into the challenges they face, perform better, increase overall well-being, resilience and achieve their full potential. This workshop will provide a brief but vital overview of these key skills and frameworks. Dr. Jacqui Brassey will lead this workshop. She is responsible for leadership development and learning for the most senior leaders world wide at McKinsey & Company and Assistant Professor at Tilburg University. She will elaborate on her personal story, her research and evolving insights. If you join this workshop you will get the opportunity to engage in a survey, get insight into your own levels of ’emotional flexibility’ and opportunities for growth.

By Jacqui Brassey, Assistant Professor at Tilburg University & Partner Learning & Development McKinsey & Company

11:45 - 12:45


Repeat of the Breakout Session 1A, 1B, 1C

Breakout Session 2A: HR needs its own digital strategy, by Volker Jacobs, TI People

Breakout Session 2B: The Future of Talent Management, Jean Martin, CEB/Gartner

Breakout Session 2C: Future Business: Unleashing your talent, Xavier Petre, Cornerstone OnDemand

Breakout Session 2D: HR as undisputed driver of organizational agility and resilience

Two HR roles are gaining importance in a world that takes more organizational agility and resilience than ever to thrive. The first is leading strategy-driven learning, which comes in at least four different ‘flavors’ and takes outside-in thinking. The second role builds on the first one: making the company ever more attractive for top talent in a changing world. In this interactive breakout session Dr. Martyn Rademakers (adjunct professor at TIAS, School for Business and Society) will put your brains in a strategic thinking mode, explore the two HR roles including the ‘flavors’, share inspiring HR practices from high-performing companies in the US, Europe and Asia, and invite you to gain and give take-home value through sharing ideas, practices and thoughts.Martyn works on the crossroads of strategic management and organizational learning. He is also the author of the influential book ‘Corporate Universities: Drivers of the Learning Organization’

By Martijn Rademakers, Adjunct Professor at TIAS

Breakout Session: The power of sleep for organizations

Well being initiatives are increasingly gaining traction in organizations around the world. These are often focused on nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness. However, the most critical element, the foundation to well being is often missing: Sleep. Despite the wealth of science documenting the benefits of sleep on our wellbeing, our performance and safety, most employees and leaders are not sleeping well. 35% of people are getting less than 7 hours of sleep, despite 7-9 hours being recommended. And 48% of people have trouble falling asleep at least once a week. This has dramatic consequences on organizations, raising healthcare costs, lowering productivity and hurting leadership and engagement.

By Els van der Helm, Shleep

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networking lunch

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Keynote Session by Prerana Issar

Keynote Session by Prerana Issar, CHRO U.N. World Food Programme

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Breakout Sessions

Are you ready for today's world of HR

During Beyond HR we will talk a lot about the future of HR but what about the current world of HR? Are you and your organization following the current HR trends? Or do you think some of them are just hypes? In this interactive session Veronique Bourée will take you in to a “poll” discussion to find out the current state of HR and your position in it and to see if you can take up the challenges of the future. In this session you will find out together with other HR professionals your current place in HR and if you are ready for the world beyond. This session will give you some key take away’ s to take back with you to your organization so you can present the current situation compared it and see if your organization is open minded for the Beyond HR world of tomorrow.


Session by:

Catalina Schveninger, Global Head of Resourcing and Employer Brand Vodafone

Breakout Session 2D: 5 steps to transform Performance Management for the best employee experience

HR in its traditional sense has been overhauled, even its practitioners are being renamed as “Employee Experience” or “Happiness” Officers. Increasing numbers of companies have adopted a more people centric approach to their internal processes as they strive to foster a more empowering, inspiring and creative work atmosphere. In this session we will explore the performance management techniques that you can implement into your business, to help boost the employee experience of tomorrow. In these interactive sessions, we will draw from our own expertise, but also hope to learn from, and share stories with each of the participants; after all, transparency and communication are key!

Is your corporate learning strategy worth the paper it’s written on?

Is your corporate learning strategy worth the paper it’s written on focusses on the need to implement a corporate learning strategy to achieve the organizations Learning ambitions in terms of Effectiveness, Efficiency and Consistency. It includes a corporate learning strategy case study and other topics covered during this highly interactive presentation are:
·       2017 Top L&D trends
·       Do you need a corporate learning strategy ?
·       How fit is your learning strategy ?
·       Boost your L&D Fitness
·       Case study – corporate learning strategy
·       6 Key corporate learning strategy components
·       Time for a CLS fitness-check

By Jan Rijken, Crossknowledge

Decoding Millennials, Engage your Workforce today & tomorrow

Millennials make up the majority of the current and future workforce. Compared to the baby boomers and Gen-X employees, millennials have very different motivation and needs. Instead of the basics, millennial employees have higher expectations tech-wise, value constant feedback from their managers and place more importance on the company culture and the purpose of their roles. With the shift in employee expectations and needs, how can companies better engage and manage millennials to maximize their potential? Hear from Gerrit Brouwer as he reveals practical tips on engaging, empowering and retaining millennials in this digital age.

By Gerrit Brouwer, Founder of Appical

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Breakout Sessions

Repeat of the Breakout Sessions

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Social entrepreneurs

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Awards student competition

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The Future of Work: Creating Lasting Experiences At Ever-Changing Companies

Liane will touch on key learnings, challenges and solutions around how to build scalable cultures at ever-evolving companies.

Keynote Session by Liane Hornsey, CHRO Uber

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