14 - 15 June, 2018 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands



“BEYOND” – The Global HR Leadership Forum, will address the agenda and global themes facing the senior HR community in key business sectors and industries across the world. This conference stands out because it is a genuine forum where over 200 of the most influential, forward-thinking HR leaders and senior executives will come together to discuss the latest insights and debate the future of this dynamic function within an intimate networking environment. In the masterminded and high-touch setting they will also expand personal networks and professional alliances.

breakout-sessionInternationally renowned speakers will explore different facets of megatrends – the game changers impacting economies, societies, environments and organizations. They will also provide unique insights and inspiration for a paradigm shift “beyond” what is currently known and recognized HR best practice.

HR leaders, featured guests and subject matter experts will share their vision and inspire creative discussions During the plenary and breakout sessions participants will discover new avenues for creating impactful and meaningful HR solutions in the changing realities of the organizations they support.

In short, the conference’s common thread moves through Megatrends and within the global ecosystem context – the impact they have on Human Resources. Rather than exploring all these trends simultaneously, emphasis will be given to one specific single trend during the conference

DINER-2016This one and a half day event is divided into plenary and breakout sessions. The 6 plenary keynotes will be funnelled into more specific topics covered by numerous breakout sessions and panel discussions. Participants can select up to 6 different workshops – all facilitated by renowned experts, thought and best practice leaders from around the world. The forum will immerse the participants in inspiring concepts, expose them to new ideas, surround them with visionary HR leaders and connect them to like-minded colleagues. Access to the event will be managed to ensure a well-balanced, international audience.

The first day of the conference will be closed with an exclusive forum dinner.




The BEYOND HR Forum is an initiative of KennedyFitch. KennedyFitch is a Swiss origin, international boutique management consultancy firm with roots in executive search and deep expertise in the HR profession.

Over the years we have had the privilege to interact with thousands of HR practitioners and senior HR executives, the thought leaders and renowned authors, HR aficionados and sympathisers from around the world.  We have had the privilege to contrast decades of our personal HR experience with other viewpoints and we wanted to offer a similar, highly inspirational journey to a broader HR leadership community. This was the birth of the Beyond HR Forum – a top quality and high touch exchange and inspiration platform for the senior international HR public.

The forum moves way “beyond” the ongoing debate on HR tools, best practice and value. Zooming into the future of the work and the workplace we help to transform the thinking about the HR profession, shifting the paradigms to yet unexplored territories.

In doing so we hope to bring a new value to HR profession and our company aspires to become the best known change catalyst, as well as one of the most recognised brand names in the HR world. For more information about KennedyFitch, please go to www.kennedyfitch.com

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