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Disruptive HR

Beyond, The Global HR Leadership Forum is proud to announce that Lucy Adams, Founder of The Disruptive HR Agency and Former HR Director at the BBC, will present a keynote session on July, 1st!

We all recognise the demands of a VUCA world.  We know that much of what we do in HR is not keeping up.  So, Lucy Adams likes to share with you a model for looking at HR afresh. An approach that ensures you are able to improve levels of engagement, increase productivity, save costs and drive innovation. This approach is called EACH© – treating Employees as Adults, Consumers and Human beings.

Through this simple model she will help you discover ways that you can create tangible impact and share with you the latest fresh and innovative approaches to attracting, developing and managing your people; and yes, they are of course disruptive!

Lucy Adams created The Disruptive HR Agency after having held senior level HR roles in a variety of sectors, most recently at the BBC. She grew frustrated with the lack of innovation and fresh thinking in the profession and wanted to find new ways of tackling old problems. She now runs the agency to help HR Directors and business leaders to do things differently.