The Council of Wisdom

Last year we introduced a “council of wisdom”, a group of seasoned CHRO’s who acted as counsellors before and during the conference. We will feature 6 seasoned CHRO’s in 2020. With the pace of global changes taking an unprecedented rate, it becomes increasingly challenging to remain grounded and embrace the new world of work and HR. We are overwhelmed with gamification, artificial intelligence, machine learning, demographic changes and we could easily list another lengthy subset of new terminologies. And yet – all of us are going to be part of disruptive transformations.

If change is the virtue – what can we learn from seasoned CHRO’s who have survived many tsunami-like transformations in their corporate careers? Those who were at the HR helm of organizations when the world moved through the biggest financial crises, rise of new economies, shift of beliefs and change of behaviors. Those who thrived and survived; who helped guiding their corporations in this wild sea. We thought to invite some of them and tap to their wisdom.

Past Council of Wisdom speakers

Gary Steel Pernille Spiers-Lopez Simon Nash

Gary Steel


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Jodee Kozlak

Former CHRO Target and Former Global SVP of HR Alibaba

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Pernille Spiers-Lopez


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Simon Nash

Former CHRO Reckitt Benckiser;

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