Nice to meet you!

Meet the organizing team of the Beyond HR Forum 2020.

From left to right
Sanne Rietveld, Sebastian Malinski, Melika Parikhah, Ruud Rikhof, Danielle Kemp, Maria Czabanowska and Vienna de Rooij.

Ruud Rikhof is the co-founder and partner of KennedyFitch, the initiator and the organizing partner of the Beyond HR Forum. After 25 years of working in the field of HR, in large multinationals, he built an HR practice in executive search, consulting, community building, research, and education.”

Sebastian Malinski is a partner at KennedyFitch in executive search for HR. He holds more than 20 years of HR experience in working for large multinationals and is the originator of the Beyond HR conference.

Danielle Kemp has been deeply involved in organizing the Beyond HR Forum since the first edition. Her main responsibilities are speaker, sponsor and participant acquisition.

Vienna de Rooij leads all logistical aspects of the conference, its location and organizes the hotels and travel of the participants.

Sanne Rietveld is a junior consultant at KennedyFitch. She leads the council of wisdom and supports the hospitality team.

Maria Czabanowska and Melika Parikhah are interns at KennedyFitch and take care of all hospitality matters during the conference.


“We are looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam.
We will make sure that you will have a great time at the best conference for HR!”