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Welcome to our Podcast series. In this series we address the day to day challenges you face as an HR leader. You can stream each episode, download the podcasts to your computer or subscribe to the series free via iTunes. If you have any thoughts on our podcasts or if you have an idea for a topic that you’d like us to cover, please use the hashtag #beyondhrpodcasts.

How cell phones are promoting the use of microlearning for soft skills

An interview with Dr. Leann Pereira

Dr. Leann Pereira designs behavioral development programs that enhance self-awareness, self-regulation, and executive functioning skills in adults. The purpose of her work is to increase self-efficacy, team functioning, and management and leadership effectiveness. Her doctoral degree is in education with a concentration on women’s leadership development. Emotions have a level of complexity and how we feel.

Dr. Pereira said that “There is a big connection between feelings and how people think. You can hammer away with what every feeling you have. However, your ability to work with others and collaborate, how we connect to one another and work together is based on emotions.”

Are Robots Going to Take Your Job Away?

The workplace of 40 years ago had jobs for secretaries, elevator operators, mailroom clerks, and technology like Dictaphones and typewriters. All of these are gone and will never return. What do we do now at work that will be gone in 5 years or 10 years? Join me and Daniel Kline – reporter, and Cathy Barrera Chief Economic Adviser for ZipRecruiter as we have a deep discussion of Robots and Jobs.

Daniel has been writing since his early 20’s and now shares stories about consumer goods, technology, careers, and breaking news for The Motley Fool. His latest book, “Worst Ideas Ever,” can be purchased everywhere.

Cathy Barrera is the Chief Economic Adviser for ZipRecruiter, where she serves as the team’s authority on U.S. unemployment, labor and job market issues – especially as they pertain to ZipRecruiter’s core customer base of small and medium-sized businesses. Cathy’s resume includes a Ph.D. from Harvard University and a Master’s degree in mathematics from the London School of Economics.

How Automation Will Change the Way We Work

Ravin Jesuthasan is a recognized global thought leader and author on the future of work. He is a regular presenter at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos and is a member of the forum’s Steering Committee on Work and Employment. He has been recognized as one of the top 25 most influential consultants in the world, one of the top 8 future of work influencers and one of the top 100 HR influencers. Ravin has authored 3 books and over 100 articles. We recommend you read these additional writings by Ravin and John Boudreau
1. How to break down work tasks that can be automated – Harvard Business Review.
2. What we often get wrong about automation – Harvard Business Review
3. HR4.0: Shaping People Strategies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution – World Economic Forum
4. Ravin’s articles posted to Forbes.com4. Ravid and John Boudreau’s Book Reinventing Jobs: A 4-Step Approach for Applying Automation to Work. Highly recommend!

When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

This episode features an interview with Daniel Pink, author of the book, “WHEN: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing.” His other books include the long-running New York Times bestsellers, “DRIVE,” “TO SELL IS HUMAN,” and “A WHOLE NEW MIND.” Dan’s books have won multiple awards and have been translated into 35 languages. He lives with his family in Washington, DC.

How to treat employees as grown-ups

with Lucy Adams

Lucy Adams is the CEO of Disruptive HR and the former Human Resources Director of the BBC. Lucy created Disruptive HR after having held senior level HR roles in a variety of sectors. She grew frustrated with the lack of innovation and fresh thinking in the profession and wanted to find new ways of tackling old problems. She now runs the agency to help HR leaders do things differently. She is the author of two books; HR Disrupted and The HR Change Toolkit.

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