2020 marks the 4th year for the BEYOND HR Forum and once again our commitment and target objective is to grow the event in terms of visitors and attendees. In 2018 we hosted HR Leaders from over 30+ countries, with a combined influence over 7 million employees. Building on those solid foundations, this 2020 conference guarantees superior keynotes and interactive sessions!

We zoom into the Future of the work, the Future of HR and the Future Workplace. The Forum aims to transform your thinking about the HR profession, shifting your paradigms to perspectives that you have not considered yet. The forum moves “beyond” the ongoing debate on HR, becoming an impactful journey and must-attend highlight for a progressive HR curriculum.


Internationally renowned speakers will explore the game changers that are impacting their businesses, economies, societies, environments and organizations. The 2020 program involves an elite of forward looking thought leaders from around the world and a number C level executives. United by a common purpose, they are trying to design and shape the Future of work, workplace and HR and share their valuable perspectives with you.


The BEYOND HR Forum is renowned for the quality of its attendees and the opportunity to network. Access is managed; in previous years some 30% of the registrations were turned down as we aim to build a heterogeneous and diverse platform for attendees, who are to a very large extent HR practitioners. Traditionally the Forum audience consists of Regional and Global HR Leaders, Vice Presidents, HR Directors, and CHROs.
The Forum location has changed and the new venue provides a maximum of opportunities to interact supported by a unique gastronomy and hospitality concept that builds a warm, welcoming environment outside the classic hotel conference facilities. Participant in previous years consistently highlighted the “special and personal atmosphere” that the Beyond HR Forum creates.


The BEYOND HR Forum is an initiative of KennedyFitch. KennedyFitch is a Swiss origin, international boutique management consultancy firm with roots in executive search and a deep expertise in the HR profession. Our company aspires to become one of the most recognised brand names in the HR world.

Over the years we have interacted with thousands of HR practitioners and senior HR executives. We have had the privilege to contrast decades of our personal HR experience with viewpoints from thought leaders from around the world and we wanted to offer a similar, highly inspirational journey to a broader HR leadership community. This was the birth of the Beyond HR Forum in 2015.

We hope to bring a new value to HR profession and high touch exchange and inspiration platform for the senior international HR public. Other initiatives of KennedyFitch are the Future of HR webcast series, our publications and most recently, our extensive research on the Employee Experience. For more information about KennedyFitch, please go to www.kennedyfitch.com

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