Dustin Robinson

Dustin Robinson


After graduating with his MSc in Human Resource Management from Erasmus University Dustin has spent the past three and-a-half years working in the HR and HR technology spaces. He’s split time between offices in Paris and Den Haag managing organizational development in an international setting and coordinating the vision, strategy, and marketing of a disruptive recruitment tool called Hello Talent that he hopes will help companies rethink how they hire and engage in proactive recruiting.

Work isn’t working anymore. Globally, 87% of employees are disengaged and costing economies billions and billions of dollars. Too many of us love to hate our jobs. What happened and how did we get here? History tells us a great deal about how work has changed over time. Now, with challenges and opportunities related to automatization, expanding technologies, unstable economies, and an ever-expanding freelance sector we can begin to see what work will be like in the future and how the employee experience is undergoing a revolution.

In the future power over work will become highly decentralized and more employee focused. Successful organizations will infuse work with meaning and empower everyone to make meaningful contributions. Work itself will shift away from titles and roles and focus more on skills and projects as collaboration and cross-functional teamwork become the standard.

Dustin Robinson will discuss how a focus on meaning, flexibility, independence, and what he refers to as “UX for work” can help companies realize the future of work today.