Guy Halfteck

Founder & CEO of Knack

Guy Halfteck

Founder & CEO of Knack


Guy is the founder & CEO of Knack. He started Knack after a New York hedge fund turned down his application for an early-career job opportunity. Guy realized that labor market decisions using traditional “signals” weren’t working well (at least not for him). This rejection led him to look for a better, smarter way to signal talent and potential. Guy found the inkling in his game theory notes from a class he took at Harvard. Building on the idea that micro-behaviors and signaling in games are key to solving this problem, Guy brought together a world-class team that includes people from game theory and game design, computer graphics, behavioral science and psychology, computational neuroscience, software engineering, artificial intelligence, post secondary education, and workforce development to develop and bring to market a technology platform that combines games, behavioral science, and data analytics. The platform empowers people from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds to discover and broadcast their talent, connect with opportunity, and live to their full potential. Guy grew up in Israel and served as a ship vice-commander in the Navy. He studied law, economics and game theory at the Hebrew University (undergraduate), Columbia University (master’s), and Harvard (doctorate). Guy’s profile is available here, and the story of starting Knack is posted here.

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