About the Event

When: November 12, 2020
Time: 2.00 – 3.30 PM CET

This virtual event is free of charge

This session is an opportunity to reflect on how leaders can combine the best of how we used to work with the best of how we will have to work in the future. How should the hybrid office and digital workplace of the future be organized? What capabilities are needed to realize this goal? What is the roadmap to get there in a holistic and efficient way?

During the current pandemic, we have experienced a dramatic acceleration of trends shaping the expectations and new routines of employees for working together. In our webinar, we will re-cap the learnings from our July session on employee experience and on our approach to shape the future together with employees. We will also share new insights on how to use the current window of opportunity to activate the organization and take concrete next steps to organize the future of hybrid work.

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Mikkel Lyngbo Nielsen, Ericsson
Mikkel joined Ericsson recently in Sweden as the Chief Real Estate Officer with the pleasure of leading a world-class unit of 130+ real estate professionals. He held similar positions previously for a major global shipping company and a transportation company previously with a background in real estate consulting.


Andrew Lewis, Telia
As Telia Company’s Head of People Relations, Andrew has been leading the organisation’s HR related efforts in responding to Covid19. As Telia continues its journey along the path to the next normal, Andrew is currently driving the design of Telia’s future employee experience – a blended model with technology at its core. A former lawyer specialising in labour law, Andrew is a Brit living in Stockholm with his partner and two young children.


Stefan Moritz, McKinsey / Veryday
Stefan Moritz is a Senior Expert and Senior Design Director in the Stockholm Design Studio. He is core leader at Veryday, an award-winning Swedish design agency acquired by McKinsey in 2016. He brings extensive Service Design experience leveraging design as a tool to empower employees, shaping brands and deliver stellar customer experience. Stefan is the design leader in McKinsey’s global Future of Work tribe and cofounded McKinsey’s Employee Experience group.


Julia Klier, McKinsey
Julia Klier is a Partner in McKinsey & Company’s German office. As a leader of McKinsey’s global Future of Work tribe, her interests are at the cross-roads of Future Skills, New Work and digitization. She publishes widely on these topics – at McKinsey and as a Professor at the University of Regensburg where she received several awards (e.g., Researcher of the Year, Top40under40).