Webinar with Gary A. Bolles

The Three Futures of HR:
Talent After the Great Reset

Date: Thursday, 21 January 2021
Time: from 3 – 4 PM CET

The seismic events of 2020 have given us a new start date for a re-envisioned role for the People function of organizations. HR is at a crossroads, and its future depends on its commitment to a human-centric tomorrow. Which future will you choose?

About Gary A. Bolles

Gary A. Bolles is an internationally-recognized expert on the future of work, future of learning, and future of the organization. His focus is on the strategies for helping individuals, organizations, communities and countries to thrive in the digital work economy.

As Chair for the Future of Work for Singularity University, he leads the organization’s efforts to empower a global community with the mindset, skillset, and network to create an abundant future of work and learning. In the seismic transition to what Bolles calls the digital work economy, individuals, organizations, communities and countries all need to develop a shared understanding of the dynamics of disruptive change, collaborate on the development of effective strategies, and ensure that all people have access to meaningful work and lifelong learning opportunities.

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Thursday, 21 January 2021
From 3 – 4 PM CET