The Future of Work has arrived

The lessons learned in the last year, bring sharp focus to global human capital trends that have been evolving for years—trends in well-being, reskilling, superteams, workforce strategies, and the future of HR. Organizations will have to become more flexible, integrated, resilient, and ultimately, more human. Let’s treat 2020 as a shortcut into the future of work and start bringing back the human element into everything an organization does in order to create lasting value for employees, organizations, and society at large. The Beyond HR Forum aims to transform your thinking about the Future of Work, shifting your paradigms to perspectives that you have not considered yet, becoming an impactful journey for every HR executives.

Unfortunately we had to postpone the Beyond HR Forum 2020 in Amsterdam. Exact dates will be confirmed in due course. When the day comes to reunite as an industry, we are confident that the world will exhibit a renewed appreciation for human connectivity and the power face-to-face meetings bring to people, businesses and communities.

We organize monthly webinars and online conferences with forward-thinking speakers in collaboration with our forum partners. An opportunity to share, collaborate, debate and network with senior HR executives from around the world. Sign up to our newsletter to receive information about these upcoming events and/or join us on LinkedIn.

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Exclusive, refreshing, impactful – that’s “BEYOND”

The BEYOND HR Forum is renowned for the quality of its speakers, attendees and the opportunity to network.

Access is carefully managed. We aim to build a heterogeneous and diverse platform for attendees, who are to a very large extent HR practitioners. Traditionally the Forum audience consists of Regional and Global HR Leaders, Vice Presidents, HR Directors, and CHROs.

Internationally renowned speakers will explore the game changers that are impacting their businesses, economies, societies, environments and organizations. The program involves forward looking thought leaders and C-level executives from around the world. United by a common purpose, they are trying to design and shape the Future of work, workplace and HR and share their valuable perspectives with you.

Participant in previous years consistently highlighted the “special and personal atmosphere” that the Beyond HR Forum creates.

Our Previous Speakers

A selection of our keynote speakers.

“Beyond is beyond! It is magical, innovative, creative, collaborative and lots of fun!”

Mark Levy, Former CHRO Airbnb